Global Appeal / The Friday Massacre in New Zealand imposes a global response to racist terrorism

Forum of Thought and Strategic Studies

              NO: 1011-16/03/2019        

 Date: 16/03/2019            



We are in the Forum of Thought and Strategic Studies, which includes a group of scientists, experts, intellectuals, politicians, jurists, media professionals and economists …

We express our deep shock at the horrific massacre that took place on Friday, 15 March, with outrageous racist motives against Muslim worshipers in Christchurch, New Zealand.

  In the sight of the world flowed shocking facts  through the shocking mass murder of dozens of innocent people gathered in peace and tranquility in the mosques of New York and Lindwood in the New Zealand city for the Friday prayer when the cowardly terrorist attack that killed them and wounded a lot.

The Christchurch massacre, which is bursting with human destruction, is ringing the alarm bells in our world from the increasing extent of the fever of Islamophobia, selective racism and hatred directed against Muslims, which is claiming more victims in many countries.

What happened in Christchurch should not be regarded as a local affair. The bloodshed and the loss of life and death of human crowds is a horrific event, with all the shocking details that raged through the world’s awareness of voice, image and live broadcast.

This brutal attack brings to mind a series of killings, terrorist and racist attacks that have targeted many mosques and Muslim communities in several countries, including Europe and North America, in recent years, not to make it an isolated event fueled by anti-Muslim propaganda. This massive wave of murder, abuse and attacks reveals the serious effect of hate speech, incitement, mutilation and Islamophobia, fueling primitive tendencies and promoting the practices of brutality and aggression that the world has endured in Christchurch.

We condemn in the strongest words the massacre of the mosques in New Zealand and feel the horror of the victims, the suffering of the wounded and the plight of the women, men, the elderly and the children who have been wounded by their blood in the terrorist attack. Let us emphasize the need to confront in our world the mass of hate speech, incitement and escalating racism against Muslims and their mosques.

We declare our solidarity with the Muslims of New Zealand and the people of New Zealand at this difficult juncture. We affirm that what took place on Friday, 15 March, requires a global solidarity wave that is united in the face of the trends of racist terrorism.

The living conscience everywhere must raise its voices after this heinous massacre that has undermined the meaning of life and crushed human values ​​and violated their principles and charters. Human dignity is one and indivisible.

The world must stand united against the fatal racist fanaticism and criminalize those involved in the political, social, media and network platforms, and consider it an urgent priority that can not tolerate complacency or delay.

We conclude by saying that the memory of the innocent victims of Christchurch will remain alive in the consciousness of nations.


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