Media representatives and Arab preachers: Obama is responsible for the “holocaust of Syria.”

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Moyyad Bajs

Media representatives, preachers and writers launched a Hashtag titled “Obama is responsible for the holocaust of Syria.”

“They accused US President to assume the bulk of the responsibility for the massacres that the Assad regime and the Russian airplanes returned to commit a lot in the past few days.

Participants in  Al Hashtag indicated “Obama’s policy has become blatant. He works with all malice to prolong the time of war, which gets underway at the expense of innocent civilians.”

Activists stressed that “Obama was able to support the will of the Syrian people to dislodge the fascist regime, but he preferred to play around with the blood of the Syrians.”

Former Kuwaiti Member of Parliament Walid al-Tabtabai, said that “Obama is responsible for the massacres of the Syrian regime and Russian forces in Syria; because his state prevents weapons from reaching them, and prevents the overthrow of the regime.”

Syrian media Mohammed Shawwaf said that “if Obama survived from the war crimes tribunal will not survive from the fury of the people of Syria by God willing, and the duty of the international community to bring Obama to justice.”

Palestinian activist Abdullah al-Ghaith twittered: “Obama is a criminal, and criminal will stay no matter what he did, all detergents in the ground will not shine his bad image and heinous crimes of our memories.”

Syrian preacher Ahmed Fares Al Salloum said, “Obama is responsible for the Holocaust of Syria because of the immunity granted to the regime firstly, and to prevent it from arming the people with anti-aviation. He is an enemy of the Syrians.” He continued: “If the friends of the Syrian people do not exceed Obama as Iran exceeded the whole world, they are his partners in crime and this is the  fact!”.

The preacher Abdul-Moneim Zain Alddin, said: “the person who prevents anti aviation from the rebels and refuses to establish a safe zone, and prevents to drop the dog’s tail.”

Media representative Ahmed Muwaffaq Zeidan, said: “the person who allowed to bring Russia and Iran and their militia to come to slaughter Syria is responsible for our massacres. “He added: “We will not wait your opinion of the remainder of his days, our Lord, who decides (And remove the property from whom he wants) and would soon remove his property and his spirit despite your support for him.” He continued: “Assad’s days weren’t few days, “but rather was terminated without the support of Russia and Iran, and the complicity of Obama.”

Iraqi media Hussein Delly participated  in the Hashtag twittering: ” 5 years ago and the green light of America to Bashar causes the most suffering of the Syrians, and increased by their confirmation of silence for Ghouta massacre by Chemical weapons.”

The author Yasser Saad Eddin, twittered saying: “Kerry is a thug, Obama is a war criminal and Russia and America soften their tango tunes the groans of Syrian children.”

In turn, the Saudi writer Abdullah Melhem said: “The Syrian people simply is killed by US-sponsored and implementation of the tyrant Bashar army and Iran militias.”

Saad Twaim, a Saudi writer said,: “America lengthened the war and imposed Bashar, banned weapons, supported Russia and Iran, O God! may you be content with what you want.”

Dr. Ahmed bin Rashid bin Saeed commented: “If the satisfied person of an action as the doer himself , what we call the supporter of the doer? Obama is a war criminal! Ask Aleppo!”.

Former Qatari diplomat Nasser Al Khalifa, said: “When the head of the largest country stands incapable of defending the people who are killed because of their demanding of freedom. Nobel Peace Prize  must be removed from him.”

The leader of the Islamic Movement of Ahrar al-Sham, Khaled Abu Anas, participated in Al Hashtag twittering: “the destruction of Syria, killing Syrians and displacing them, helping criminals, supporting terrorism are the responsibility of  Obama and his foreign minister, the enemies of humanity.”

The Egyptian writer Jamal Sultan, editor of the newspaper “The Egyptians”, he said: “Syrian Revolution exceeded the most difficult years, and crushed who tried to support the tyrant, and came close to victory and U.S. complicity appeared naked.


This was orginally published in Arabic21 28/04/2016.

* The Report expresses the opinion of the writer and not necessarily the opinion of the Centre.


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