Tehran’s Protests to Support “al-Quds” in Syria Confirmation of the Principle of the al-Quds road through Aleppo!!

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Ammar Hamou

Umayya Press

Tehran, the Iranian capital, has witnessed public demonstrations, in addition to other cities, for supporting  the Iranian military existing  in Syria. It has been killing of Syrian people, in addition to backing Assad regime in suppression Syrians that demanding “freedom”.

According to what has been published by the formal  Iranian News Agency”Fares”, that Tehran ,as well as, 850 Iranian cities renewing the demonstrations “reviving the day of International al-Quds in Tehran” indicating the back of Palestinian case, Syria, Iraq, and all resistance powers in their war against tekfiri terrorism and hegemony powers by Iranians.

Iranians condemned, due to the agency, in their closing statement  on Friday Zionist entity’s crimes, denouncing in their demonstrations the crimes that committed by al-takifiri terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq.

 The  protesters or the formal Iranian media ignore the blood shed  by Assad regime that supporting  by Iranian sectarian militias, or ones backed from Iran as Lebanese Hezbollah, they don’t see or will not see the bloody scenes,in Syria, committed by Assad regime and its allies Russia and Iran!.

On the other hand, attribute speech,on social media networks and media websites, for sheikh Raed Salah, is sheikh al-Aqsa: ” inside the Ramoon prisons , I announce the innocence of   the al-Quds from corp of military Iranian al-Quds that still slaughtered our people in Syria in general and especially in Aleppo, assuring in the name holy al-Quds that its name is higher to be taking advantage the criminals to legitimize their crimes like criminals of al-Quds corp.

 “Umayya Prees” website seek to be sure of the validity  of  sheikh Raed’s speech, but in vain. However; the exploitation of the al-Quds and Palestinian case  by Iran and its militias, is no longer secret, till Assad regime prompting its alleged resistance continually.

 For his part, Ahwazona website, anti-Iranian system, that protesters in Iranian cities come in the context of raise morals of fighters that outside Iran, attempting to send the largest number of  new fighters in current battles in Syria and Iraq.

According to”Ahwazona” that popular events held continually to assure the hegemony between Iranian people and the political regime in terms of Arab cases, and the policy of expansion and hegemony over Arab people.

 Interestingly, that Hasan Nusrallah, leader of militia of Lebanese Hezbollah , accusing ,in the last speech, Turkey for opening its borders for terrorists in order to enter Syria territories, forgetting his party and fighters’ assault against Syrians inside Syria neither violating sanctity of Syria nor a blatant interefernce in Syria revolution.


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