Deraa the Cradle of Syrian Revolution


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           The story started with children expressed their freedom on the walls. Colonial Atef Najib, governor of Deraa province, arrested them on 27/02/2011. The number of those children was 18 . They  were  in the al-Arbaeen elementary  school who were exposed to pulling out their nails and torturing  by Atef Najeeb. As a result of the torture, some of them died. The people of Deraa demanded their children, however, the mean governor said: forget them, give birth to others ,or send your wives to us in order to do the job on behalf of you. The residents held set- in in al-Marja Square in Damasscus where they were surrounded by security and  some of them were arrested on 16/03/2011.

       Therefore, a peaceful angry revolution erupted in Deraa. This revolution demanded removal of the governor and release the detainees on 18/03/2011. The bigger murder Bashar Al-Assad did not apologize to the people’s chivalry nor  listened  to their legitimate demands. He chattered in the parliament in front of the cheerleaders on30/03/2011. The protesters demanded with toppling the regime . The response by the big murder was shooting at people and siege the revolted areas to be subdue. The young and old people of Giza came out  to break the siege from the rest of the villages. Their flesh faces the live bullets. Hamza al-Khatib was 13 years old   innocently held some bread in front of a checkpoint near the houses of military  Sidon . He was arrested by them (29/4/2011). He  was mercilessly tortured ,killed and  his body had been handed to his family  in order to bury silently (25/5/2011). But his family made the body of their son a test for the human conscience; “He was swollen. His jaw was broken and his flesh was covered with cigarette burns. His sexual organ was cut. His neck was broken. He was exposed to electric shocks and whipped  by  using a cable  due to”(Canadian report The Globe and Mail). Since then, Hamza has become an icon of the revolution, inspiring millions of Syrians to the time that Giza and the rest of Daraa were liberated from the brutality of the regime.

       Seven years have passed and Hamza al-Khatib has been peaceful  in his grave, and according to the rule of “the dead is satisfied and the murder increases criminality.” The tyrant returned to Giza to take revenge of the grave of the child. (Text of the agreement of the people of Deraa with the Russians is  the withdrawal of the regime forces from the town of Giza but the regime has not commited).

         The destruction of Hamza al-Khatib’s grave is not the most horrible thing has been done by the regime against the people of Giza. The desire to destroy Hamza’s grave is not the most terrible thing it has done When the regime took control of it a few days ago, however, the figurative is the desire to destroy the people’s intensification and what they achieved during the time of their orphan revolution.

        Note: In 2015, the dissident photographer  whose name is  Caesar managed to show 55,000 images of 11,000 martyrs  killed under torture; 18 of them were very horrific images of the two children Hamza al-Khatib and Thamir al-Shari’i, where  they were in  detention morgues.


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