If What We See is the Political Solution, so How will the Military One be?!!!

                                                                                        Zuhair Salem

                                                                                         Umayya Center for Research and Strategic Studies

     Since the start of the blessed revolution in Syria in the 3rd month of  2011, and the call for a political solution is on every tongue. The American  with the Russian, the European with the Chinese and the Arab with non-Arab are in harmony with this call. Seven years elapsed and the military solution in Syria is on its way, and with  every step on the path of the adopted military solution, the accomplices of the crime are calling for the spray of some sugar by talking about the desired political solution. Every time,the return to start. For those who always love  to lash the skin of the ( victim ) and to blame it and make it sinful, we must also not get bored saying that the Syrian revolution was peaceful and maintained its peacefulness almost a year and carrying of arms, when carried, only in the framework of self-defense, but the honor at the Syrian is more expensive than the soul for those who do not know. Self-defense and defense for honor  are elementary instinctual law approved by the laws of the earth as well as the laws of Heaven. No peaceful demonstration took place in Syria without a victim. Every shooting by the criminal tyrant was a step on the road to military oppression or a military solution rejected as they claim. Days passed, and the means of military repression developed in the hands of the tyrant from gun to  machine gun to  tank to cannon to  missile to helicopters, to warplanes, to cluster bombs, to fragmentation,to napalm and to various types of chemical weapons. The margin of the backed forces expanded for the first criminal Bashar the tyrant: Safawi, Russian and American . All these   are fighting in Syria. All of them are fighting on one axis, weakening the revolution, breaking the will of the revolutionaries, and  at the same time, all are talking about (political solution) alleged or spurious.

     “Political solution” and they  want to achieve it by more than one hundred thousand multi-national sectarian fighters (Lebanese – Iraqi – Iranian – Afghani – Pakistani) all united by one doctrine: loyalty to Wali al – Faqih, hatred of Syria and its authentic Muslim Arab people . All of them arrived to Syria well trained and organized  with their leaders. They arrived under the ears and eyes of the American before the Russian. If they wanted a political solution, Qasim Soleimani wouldn’t dare to step on the land of Lebanon, the levant (al Sham) or Iraq !!

       The “political solution” that they want to achieve  is by aircraft flights and Russian warships, more than 100,000 Russian air strikes on unarmed people, and dozens of long-range missiles, and for a political solution Syria turned to a test field for Russian weapons. The Russian diplomat becomes a servant in favor of the tyrant, who sold to Russians all they wanted from Syria. A political solution with absolute bias in the Security Council in defense of the offender and crime. A policy that required support for “political solution” more than ten decisions of Veto, even against feeding the hungry, and healing the wounded !!

     “The political solution”  U.S. was the first to rejoice of it, raised its motto and called for it, and its diplomats repeatedly stressed that they would not interfere in Syria … Then sooner we found them, they formed their international coalition to fight terrorists as they claimed.Then, we found their victims only children,innocent women and civilians !! “A political solution” The Americans today occupy one-third of the Syrian land, allied with some of Bashar’s fins. Operation Olive Branch today revealed their beginnings and ends. All credible reports: ask US politicians about the fate of the terrorists, the United States claims to have come to fight, where are their corpses? Where are their captives? and look around us ö you wıll only see the remains of the vulnerable men, women and newborns on every level of field from Raqqa to Deir Al-Zour ..

         “A political solution” and enabled the criminal tyrant to use anything he wants, and to use the  stupid and intelligent and barbaric weapons that he wants, at the time he wants, as long as he wants. In turn, the hands of the vulnerable tied, as Rome was holding the hands of slaves in their battle with the monsters.The land of Syria is driven out the covers of international law and humanitarian  law . All Syria is considered  ( Guantanamo ) . Syria all of it is a prison, and the worst in prison was his prisons by Caeser’s testimony documented some of the crime and wrongdoing that took place. Documentation of Caser, who put all the silent on the crime in its cage alike.

           “Political solution” We do not doubt for a moment that the silence on what is happening in the prisons of Bashar al-Assad of  violation, killing and torture, after proven conclusive evidence, is part of the international quest for a  desired political solution desired. Jaafari said to them yesterday: After Ghouta of Damascus will be Idlib ,Bashar al-Assad  said before Jaafari  in a famous interview: ( The incubator  of arms holders from  neighbors and  cousinsnn amounted to milllllllllllllllllllllions. “Political solution” and we do not blame all those previously as they are enemies. But, we blame the people whom Allah granted them hearing and sight and hearts and  are still clinging to a tail of this political solution and talk about it: …that .. and if .. .. but .. even .. ..wish that


Mr. Zuhair Salem: Director of  Asharaq Alarabi Center

Estimating the situation is based on the opinion of the author and does not necessarily express the opinion of the site.

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