Lightning flashes on Kuwait Conference!

– The world is looking forward to the international conference for the reconstruction of Iraq from February 12 to 14 in the state of Kuwait, with the participation of dozens of countries and hundreds of foreign, Arab and Iraqi companies. The conference aims to collect a few billion dollars to contribute to the reconstruction of more than five Iraqi cities destroyed by the military operations machines against the organization of the Islamic state “Da’esh”.

-The first responsible for the destruction of Iraq and the spread of official and non-official terrorism is the United States of America, which occupied Iraq under lies that have proven invalidity and the recognition of the leaders of the great States. Then the responsibility lies secondly on successive governments that had not been able to control security and did not achieve any significant achievements for Iraqis.

– The huge financial corruption in Iraq has reached serious limitations:

The deputy Adel Nuri member of the Committee on Integrity of the Iraqi parliament had already confirmed  that “about $ 1000 billion was wasted due to corruption in Iraq after 2003, and there are more than $ 600 billion has no vouchers and other amounts admixed with fake corrupted  contracts and  delayed projects with violations and irregularities, and corruption spread in the legislative, executive and judicial authorities. “

– In August 2015, the Iraqi Minister of Oil, Adel Abdul Mahdi confirmed  that “the budgets of Iraq since 2003 to this year amounted to 850 billion dollars, and corruption has lost the country 450 billion dollars.”

– Kuwait sources: it is expected that the states will donate Iraq nearly $ 18 billion.

– Baghdad Government confirmed that “Iraq needs 100 billion dollars for reconstruction.”

– The Ministry of Planning in Baghdad: “The reconstruction plan will be in two stages; the first extends between 2018 and 2022, and the second between 2023 and 2028.

– The problem in Iraq is not financial, but a leadership crisis!

– Today, Iraq  does not need 18 or 20 billion dollars can be gathered for its government at Kuwait Conference, but needs 18 or 20 honest and strong personalities leading the country with wisdom and strength, and capable of severing corruption and terrorism together.

– Financial corruption is more dangerous than military terrorism because it is hidden terrorism and its dangers to all citizens.

– The reality of the Iraqi problem is not in the lack of money for reconstruction, but in the absence of clean hands that can save the budgets of the country and its looted resources in formal and informal ways!

– One of the most important duties on Kuwait Conference is not to hand over funds to  Baghdad  Government.

– The main committees should be formed with the task of contracting directly with specialized international companies, especially the European ones. Priority should be given to restoring the cities of Mosul, Anbar, Diyala, Salah al-Din and the Baghdad belt areas, and providing infrastructure: water, sewage, roads, hospitals and schools – which have suffered greatly because of government injustice and official and non-official terrorism.

– To seek of help from the  specialized companies and through the World Bank could be the good ground for the beginning of the reconstruction of Iraq. But, the delivery of these funds to the government of Baghdad, I think that will enter the country again in the cycle of corruption and those funds and “reconstruction projects” will remain mere receipts  – and perhaps photos of photoshop – not exist on the ground.

– Finally: will  Kuwait Conference revive the hopes of the destroyed cities, or is it just a media demonstration that could result in less than one billion dollars that not even enough to lift the rubble of the houses in the destroyed cities?


This position paper expresses the opinion of the writer and not necessarily, the opinion of the site.

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