A Comment on Report of HumanRights Watch

                                                                      Dr. Fadi Shamyia              

                                                                       Umayya center for research & strategic center

On 5/4/2015 Moscow announced that Syrian planes had bombed “a storehouse for terrorists in Khan Sheikhon which contains chemical materials that arrived from Iraq” (meaning that the opposition is the side that stores and uses the chemical.)

On 13/4/2017, Bashar al-Assad, the ” reality separate” ,said that “the chemical attack on Khan Sheikhon is 100% fabricated. The U.S.A. and the West are complicit with the terrorists and they fabricated the story” ( he means nothing happened in Khan Sheikhon.)

On 1/5/2017; Human Rights Watch’s report stated that “Bashar al-Assad’s army has not used chemicals in Khan Sheikhon in any time”. On the other hand, it had used nerves gas at least 4 times in recent months. Assad’s army used to use chlorine gas as a chemical element before a few months ago.” We have a report that reveals the Syrian authorities using for chlorine gas to restore eastern Aleppo. “



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