A statement about the failed military coup bid against the elected Turkish leadership

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Advisory group                                                           

Umayya Centre for Research and Strategic Studies

Advisory group of Umayya Centre for Research and Strategic Studies condemns the failed coup bid, which carried out by a handful of Turkish soldiers against a free will of Turkish people and the elected political leadership.

The group appreciates highly the Turkish people, army leadership, and the opposition parties with all their aspects that inclined to democracy and legitimacy since the first moment of the coup attempt. The group also condemns the shameful behavior of some Arabic media that cheered for the coup attempt and predicted its success, striking all the professional, objectivity rules and compacts of media honor.

The advisory group of Umayya Centre can’t hide their admiration for inspiring performance of President Recap Tayyip Erdogan that characterized by stability and composure, and his constant presence among his people despite the imminent danger surrounds him. The group also commends the performance of Turkish government staff which confronted the failed coup bid with full responsibility.

                         Allah save Turkey : land, people, president and government..

Advisory group of Umayya Centre

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The signing persons:

1-Dr. Bassam Deweihi the head of Umayya Centre for Research and Strategic Studies
2-Dr.Ahmet Abdel Aziz /counselor of president M. Mersi for  national media affairs, Egypt.
3-Dr. Ismael Khalaf Allah /lawyer and Head of French Algerian Association for rights and freedoms in Paris
4- Mr. Zakaria Sayed Omer /a Journalist-Syria.
5-Mr.  Adnan Alodeni/ vice-chairman of the media circle of Yemeni Islah party
6- Dr. Adel Al-Abdulla  Advisor, Political Analysis.
7-Mr. Khalid Mahmud Shahen/ expert of developing, consulting, administration and training, Egypt.
8-Dr. Abdel Halem Zidan/Head of Cultural Development Programs Institute- Lebanon
9- Dr. Ahmad A. AL Zandani, ASS.PROF. In International  Relations..
10-Mr. Ahmed Ayobi  /media and coordinator of Islamic civil alliance- Lebanon
11- Rasheed Alwai  /Humanitarian forum for peaceful coexistence.
12- Consultant  Khalid Shebeb/director of high institute for judiciary
13-Dr. Anwar Malek / Writer and legist
14- Lawyer Dr.Tarek Shendab  /a lawyer and university professor-Lebanon
15-  Dr. Iyad Haki / general manager of Radio Hayat FM- Jordan
16- Dr. Naser ben J.Kabi  / Arabic Struggle Movement for the liberation of Ahwaz
17- Lawyer Dr. Naser Dwla  /former member of Kuwaiti Parliament
18-Mr. Alkhowder Salen bin Holeyes  /researcher in Islamic thought and a member of the National Dialogue Conference-Yemen
19-Bilal Malaz Baroudi Sheikh readers Quranic Tripoli Lebanon

20-Dr. Mohammed Abdel kader Albarq /Italy
21-Mr.Abdel Kader Zahran /Islamic preacher and thinker
22-DrAhmed Altuwaijri, President International Justice Organisation, Former Dean of the College of Education& Former Member of Saudi Shura Council
23- Munir Rashid,Jordan
24-Dr Noraldeen AlHayali/Professor,Academic and a previous P. member/Iraq.
25- Dr.Basem Hatathet   /Syrian centre for international relations and media consultant for European foreign office in Syrian issue
26-Dr. Yaser SaedAldeen    /writer and political analyst
27- Mr.Hasen Sweid     /Syrian activist
28-Dr. Hamza Noaimi, Association of Syrian Scholars
29- Dr. Naser Jasem AlSaneh  /head of Global Forum for Islamic parliamentarians
30- Dr.  Walid M. Tabtabei    /former member of Parliament-Kuwait
31- Dr.  AbdelAllah Tantawi  / head of Sham writers association
32-Dr. Mhd Said, Executive Manger of the Union of Syrian CSOs
33- Mr. Dandal Jaber  / writer and member of Syrian scientists association
34-Ms. Intesar AbdelAllah/researcher of international relations -Spain                                                       35- Jaber Al- Harmi  Al-Shaeq Newspaper Editor in Chief Qatar
36- Dr. Ibrahim Eldeeb – Director of Hawiti Centre
37-Dr. Mamdoh almoneer     /manger of International Academy for studies and development
38- Mr. Shaban abedel Rahman  /journalist and former editor of al-Mujtam’a magazine,Turkey
5140- Mr.Ahmed ali Okasha/ founder member of Hwran people association
41-Dr. Feras Zobai   /Academic and political writer
42-   Ammar Fayed   / researcher in political science-Egypt
43- Dr. Ali Mehyei Aldden Alqaradahi   / general secretary for Muslim scholars Union
44-Dr. Mohmad J. Heshmat    /university professor and head of Egyptian parliament aboard
45- Eng. Khalid Alabdaleh,Spain.
46- Dr.    Raslan M. Masri /academic and responsible of membership in Syrian scientists Association
47- Mr. Naser Alfadaleh   /  former member in Bahrain parliament
48- Mr.Faisal Fulad, Secretary General Bahrain Human Rights Watch Scociety (BHRWS)
49-Dr.Mohmad Alhuseni   /mental health consultant
50-Dr. EzAldeen Alzeer/  /head of Islamic organizations Union in Italy.

51-Dr. Jamal Nassar/prof. of  morals philosophy and researcher in politics sciences, Egypt.

52-Dr. Hasan Ahmed Aldoki/General Secretary of Alomma Party, UAE.

53-Dr. Jahed Toz/ researcher and political analyst, Turkey

54-Lawyer and Syrian legal activist: Anwar Kataf Alkhoder- France.

55-Dr. Hamza Mansour/Academic and previous parliamentarian & previous Gen. secretary of Islamic labor front .

56-Mohamad Ahed Barazi, Researcher in Syrian issue Affairs.

57-Dr.AbdelAziz Qaeid/politician and diplomatic-Yemen.

58-Alhaj: Mohammad Imran, Algeria.

59-Dr. Nabil Atoom/Academic- Umayya Center for research and Strategic studies.

60-Dr. Faud Albana/Prof. of politics studies in Taz University, Yemen.

61-Dr. Huseein Abdel Haddi/member of Gen. Secretary of S.E.C.

62-Dr. Mohamad Jameh/writer and member of National dialogue Conference.

63-Dr. Abdel Majeed Merary/ Head of Ineternation Efedi Organization for Human rights, France.

64-Prof. Dr. M. Abdelallah Nakrabi/prof- Sudan.

65- Eng. Mohtasem M. Derayneyia-syria.

66-Dr. Abdel Twab Shehror/  Chairman of the Sharia medical in the province of Aleppo. Vice President Documentation chemotherapy center.

67- Dr. Ghazi Altwba/ Chairman of Alshwra Board in Syrian Scholars association.

68- Dr. Ahmad Ajaj/Chairman of the Board of Medical Association of Syrian expatriates in Qatar.

69-Mo’taman Alabdel Allah/ Coordinator in Pulse of Life Foundation, Spain.

70-Mr. Hashim Altaei,, former Iraqi parliamentarian.

71- Dr. Ahmed Uysal, Marmara University, Turkey.

72- Prof.Abdullah Al Nafeesi, Professor of Political Science- Kuwait.

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