Advisory group of Umayya Centre for Research and Strategic Studies condemns the failed coup bid, which carried out by a handful of Turkish soldiers against a free will of Turkish people and the elected political …..

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Tehran, the Iranian capital, has witnessed public demonstrations, in addition to other cities, for supporting the Iranian military existing in Syria. It has been killing of Syrian people, in addition to backing Assad regime in suppression Syrians that demanding “freedom”….

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| يوم 03/07/2016

The Iranian National Security Council has appointed its general secretary Ali Shamkhani, to the position of high coordinator of political, military, and security affairs between Iran, Syria and Russia. Why is Iran modulating this position? What exactly is his role? And who is Ali Shamkhani who will occupy this important and pivotal position?….

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| يوم 20/06/2016

Berkeley-based rabbi Michael Lerner spoke as a representative of the Jewish faith at Muhammad Ali’s memorial service in Louisville today, and delivered a fiery sermon calling for a litany of social change, including the ending of drone warfare, the ending of Israeli West Bank occupation, and literally dozens of other things….

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| يوم 11/06/2016

Let’s go back in memory to August 2, 1990 when the American ambassador in Baghdad instructed the President Saddam Hussein that the United States would not intervene in the case of Iraq occupied the sister State of Kuwait. Saddam Hussein committed the biggest mistake in the history of the modern Arab world.

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| يوم 09/06/2016

Criminals should know that they can’t impede the staunch Turkish people against enemies at home and abroad, who strongly ascendant towards glory, by its wise leadership, creative in planning and implementation for a bright future, which Turkey and its sisters get rid of major countries’ machination that envy the strongly rising Turkey, they start conspiring on Turkey in order to retard Muslim eastern ….

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| يوم 08/06/2016

El frente Al Nusra anunció la liberación de los tres periodistas españoles secuestrados el 8 de mayo, tras negociaciones secretas respaldadas por Qatar. Los tres periodistas, Antonio Pampliega, José Manuel López y Ángel Sastre, fueron retenidos por Al Nusra el 10 de agosto de 2015, después de cruzar el territorio …

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| يوم 17/05/2016

Sono stato uno dei testimoni oculari che hanno assistito ad alcuni crimini di Bashar Al Assad contro il popolo siriano. A nove mesi dall’inizio della rivolta, infatti, mi trovavo in Siria nell’ambito di un’iniziativa indipendente e ufficiale portata avanti da una delegazione di Osservatori della Lega Araba, entrati in Siria […]

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| يوم 06/05/2016

Mohammad Wasim Moaad, el único pediatra de la barriada Al Sukkari de la ciudad de Alepo, que se encuentra bajo control de la oposición, ha sido asesinado tras un ataque aéreo perpetrado durante la tarde del miércoles por un avión de combate del que se piensa que podría ser ruso, que fue dirigido al Hospital de campaña ….

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| يوم 29/04/2016

Activists stressed that “Obama was able to support the will of the Syrian people to dislodge the fascist regime, but he preferred to play around with the blood of the Syrians.”Former Kuwaiti Member of Parliament Walid al-Tabtabai, said that “Obama is responsible for the massacres of the Syrian regime and Russian forces in Syria; because his state prevent…

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| يوم 28/04/2016
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