Condolences to the Italian people

| يوم: 25/08/2016 | لا يوجد تعليقات

In these dramatic and difficult times our friends the Italian people are suffering from the devastating consequences of the earthquake, with has caused irreparable human losses of their family and friends. The Syrian people of all communities expresses our deepest sympathy and offer most sincere feelings of brotherhood to the noble Italian people during this tragedy. The Italian people have and always have historically been solid supporters and have expressed solidarity with the Syrian people in their legitimate struggle against fascism and the incessant crimes of the Assad regime backed by the aggression of Russia and Iran in using weapons of mass destruction prohibited by international law.

The Syrian people will not forget the humanitarianism and positive attitude of the great Italian people and we offer in these somber times a response of our appreciation and thanks for all the support provided by Italy. We continue to be at the disposal of our Italian brothers to help in any possible way. We wish you wholeheartedly, peace and eternal peace eternal for those who were killed and a quick recovery to the victims and wounded.

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