June Defeat and the Smell of Blood

      Mohammed farouk al-Imam                         

                           Umayya Center for Research & Strategic Studies                    

It is a sad irony that while we are receiving the second anniversary of the defeat of June 1967, the military aircraft of the ideological army and the aircraft of its allies, the Russian war criminals, its tanks, armoured vehicles  and armoured personnel carriers, the death squads and the sectarian killing militias mobilized by Iran and allied to this ideological army are violating all Syria regions and cities besieging, shelling and destroying the worship places, public and private property and the killing of unarmed citizens, in a scene covered by the smell of blood from the bodies of children, the grooms, the disabled, the elderly, the men and the boys in many Syrian cities. All of this coincide with the Zionists celebrating with their clear victory over our ideological army, which led the June War and handed over the Golan without any resistance or defending and in addition to a statement made by Defence Minister Hafez al-Assad on the tenth of June, bears the number 66 announcing the fall of Quneitra before the Zionists set foot for more than 17 hours. In another statement, the soldiers and officers of the Syrian armed forces were ordered to do a qualitative withdrawal from the battlefield, leaving heavy military weapons on their land with all their readiness to take an easy booty with the enemy’s hand.

I say this painful anniversary passed and the Syrian army is turning his back to the Zionist enemy closing the eye of his flight from the expropriation of the land and the Syrian sky destroying the vital installations and Syrian arms jams, while the heavy weapons in the alleys, squares and neighbourhoods of the Syrian cities and villages suppressed the masses demanding freedom and dignity.

The Golan, which had been disobedient to the Zionists since the establishment of their usurping entity in Palestine in 1948 until its surrender without resistance or defence in 1967, which remained until the handing over to the Zionists by the hero of steadfastness  Hafez Assad, the first line of defence for Syria Arabism to protect it and the large fortifications and the rugged land, which named by France  (Maginot East Line).

In spite of this ugly defeat, which saddened the Syrians with shame and grace, the leaders of the Baath Party, the civilian and military who led this battle created the theory of turning the terrible defeat into the theory of the great victory achieved by the Progressive Baath Party over the Zionists by saying

“The goal of Israel is not to occupy a few kilometres from Syria, but to topple the progressive government in it, and this is what has not happened to it, and therefore we must consider ourselves the winners in this battle”.

 They announced it from Homs after leaving the capital Damascus to its destiny open doors, open-chested and unprotected from all sides in the face of the Zionist forces, which the brothers in Iraq prevented its fall after the arrival of their troops in a hurry.

The leaders of the Ba’th Party and its thieves got the opportunity and looted what they were able to loot from the central bank’s money in Damascus on the pretext that the transfer of gold reserves is a national duty so that it will not fall into the hands of the enemy.

This victory theory was repeated  again and again by Major General Ahmed Swaidani and Dr. Ibrahim Makhos later on the media and the government had stayed for many years repeating it to be kept in the mind of Syrians.

In the same way, the party, the leader of the state and society under Article 8 of the Syrian constitution, drafted by General Hafez al-Assad and the mafia of the ruling power, wants to market its bloody repression to the Syrian masses.

The son, Bashar, began what his father started and confronted the rebellious Syrian people, who were attacked by his soldiers with murder, abuse, imprisonment, arrest, deportation and destruction of cities, towns and villages. They were all categorized as conspirators, traitors, agents, lurking, terrorists, Salafists, extremists, infiltrators, gangs and saboteurs. The army of many countries of the world, thinking that this bloody suppression which hit the child, woman, the old and people and stone and trees, will stop the escalation of the revolution in all its shapes and in any way, is a loser bet and will harvest only  defeat and fall.

  The strange thing in all this farce is the world and international silence, starting with the United States of America, the European Union and the United Nations. In front of these dilemmas, the Syrian people have decided to continue the revolution against this sadistic regime until they defeat it. They know in advance the expensive price they must pay to seize their confiscated freedom and dignity for more than 50 years.


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