Cosmic Conspiracy targets Syria

Al – Hikma Hospital in Kafranbel 28-5-2019


                               Mohammed Farouk al-Imam

  Umayya Center for Research & Strategic Studies    


In the midst of the fierce international media campaign between Iran and Washington is a fabricated and invented campaign and will not lead to a world war as portrayed to us. At the height of the world’s preoccupation with the media battle between Iran and America, Putin and his allies, Bashar al-Assad and Iran, are carrying out a vicious attack on the city of Idlib and the countryside of Hama, using all deadly and internationally prohibited weapons and signing many victims among the innocent and wounded women and children and destroying the rest of the infrastructure, hospitals, places of worship, schools and markets.

It seems that the plot on Syria is universal and from all sides, whether it is Bashar al-Assad, Putin, Khamenei and the most difficult of all this is a shameful silence for all the world Europe, America and even some Arabs.

The Syrian-Russian-Iranian alliance is committing abuses and massacres that escalate into war crimes in Idlib, Hama and the Syrian north. The international community is monitoring the massive escalation of the devastating military strikes by the Russians and the Assad regime and Iran(In Syria in April 2019,) including 64 children, 34 women and 30 people.

“We call upon all parties, including Russia and the Syrian regime, to respect their commitments by avoiding large-scale military attacks and to return to a reduction in the escalation of violence in the region,” he said.

The EU has tacitly called for respect for the cease-fire in areas to reduce escalation.

The United Nations has condemned as usual and called for avoiding targeting hospitals and civilians.

Yes, everyone is conspiring against Syria, the free and proud, and its steadfast and resolute people, resistant to all international crimes, with bare breasts, because whoever silences and turns a blind eye to criminality and criminals is a partner in crime.

 But Syrian people is of iron will and full of dignity.


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