The Algerian crisis between balance and the zero conflict




                                                                                           By  Dr. Farouk Tayfour

      Umayyad Centre for Research and Strategic Studies  


The statement of the presidency on Monday 1 April 2019 comes after the announcement of the composition of the government which was considered as a reaction to the statement of the Army Staff Chief on Saturday, March 30, 2019. The government that was born “popularly dead”; the people rejected its first minister, and some of the ministers in this government were in the previous governments. This rejection had been done 20 days ago in protests which are including millions of people in all over the country.

It also comes after the Attorney General issued to a statement regarding the prevention of several senior businessmen from traveling and the seizure of their passports, starting with primary investigations (mostly from the vicinity of President Bouteflika’s brother). Ali Haddad was arrested, chairman of the Institutions Forum, the largest gathering of Algerian businessmen. Some media is close to the actors relating to the astronomical loans that have been handed over to them and helped them to do so. The statement of the presidency is to obstruct the crisis and not to resolve it in the light of the temporary phrase stampede between the presidency and the army. The statement of the army on Saturday, March 30, 2019 was clear in its approach to resolve this crisis. In addition to applying articles 07-08 of the constitution which state the sovereignty of people who give legitimacy, in addition to Article 102, which proves the vacancy of the former President describing the other party with suspicious groups that they want to give a false fact in terms of the  military institutions. The names will be revealed later, especially that the suspicious meeting according to the “Shorouq “was attended by a representative of the French intelligence. This  means ,by the suspicious bodies, the names are the brother of the president , the current director of intelligence Bashir Tarqat, and former intelligence director Mohammed Madin (Tawfiq), according to the leaks of Al-Shorouk News Mohammed Madin (Tawfiq) has been  denied his presence today in an official statement while former President Liamine Zeroual issued an explanatory statement also because of his name in this stampede.

Why do we say the presidential statement today running a crisis and not a solution to the crisis?

The statement on Monday 01 April 2019 states of the resignation of President Bouteflika before April 28, 2019, and this is an empty explanation . Everyone knows that on Sunday, April 28 is the day of expiration of the pledge. Before opening the way for many analyzes, including the hypothesis of the crisis in the face of another side ,he is  keen to apply Article 102 immediately, as if he says: I am the one who decides when I  go and not someone else.

The statement states of important decisions that will be taken by the president and what is required today, not tomorrow, to take these decisions urgently, because the policy of winning time by promising people with delusions of 26 days. In my estimation it is not to have time, but to waste the remaining time of the pledge, which can be spent in a compromise formulation of roadmap that responds to the demands of the popular movement and not to apply the rules of the game  cat and mouse (…).

If the president actually wants an honorable exit (resignation) before April 28, 2019, he must take the following actions and decisions:

  1. Issuing a constitutional declaration that includes: the amendment of Article 194 of the constitution, which will make the High Electoral Supervisory Body is an independent one with broad powers which will organize Fair and transparent elections by granting them all powers; from receiving nominations to the announcement of results, in which the administration would be merely a logistical device.
  2. The choice of an independent character ,in a consensus, in dialogue with the political class and bodies involved in the popular movement (unions, syndicate, organizations …) are chaired by judges and lawyers involved in the popular movement.
  3. The removal of the current government and the consensus on an independent personality with experience and credibility leading a competent government to be caretaker government in the constitutional transition period, in cooperation with the president of the state in internal and external issues, in particular the management of the state budget (especially employees’ wages).
  4. Set a credible national figure by the consensus on the head of the Ummah Assembly to which the affairs of the president of State shall be transferred to Ummah Assembly in the interim period, in cooperation  with the Prime Minister on internal and external issues, especially the running of the state budget.
  5. Opening the doors of the Ministry of the Interior to receive the files of the establishment of parties and associations so that young people can engage in the political and community affairs having a real and optional participation. Take precautionary measures to save public money centrally and locally.
  6. Declaration of the resignation and the beginning of the application of Article 102 in a transitional period of 90 days in which the presidential elections are conducted with transparency and integrity.

Where the army is accompanied and guaranteed the implementation of this constitutional declaration. And the application of its recent proposal to reflect articles 07-08-102, respectively (means ensuring independent tools and structures that empower the people of its rights as it is mentioned in Articles 07-08) That any application of Article 102 as a constitutional solution without precedence in the political solution mentioned above as a minimum and now capable of: Postponement of the response to the demands of the people after the resignation of the president before or the same night of April 28, 2019, iron in front of the iron and  The ancients said: Iron with iron works. It is time to gather elites together to make balance and not to prefer the process of throwing elites from each other to create a zero conflict leading to destruction and the most dangerous use of the popular movement to liquidate authoritarian calculations and the installment of solutions, including exacerbation and cramping Rationality then Rationality then Rationality.


 Dr. Farouq Tayfour .Algerian political analyst.

Estimating the situation is based on the opinion of the author and does not necessarily express the opinion of the site.

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