Algerian popular movement rejects Bouteflika’s road map and will confirm his choice next Friday.




















                                                            By  Dr. Farouk Tayfour           

                                                             Umayyad Centre for Research and Strategic Studies        


     The popular Algerian peaceful movement, that dazzled the world and instilled hope and expectation among peoples and elites, enters a crucial stage in its history, especially after the overthrow of the draft of the fifth pledge during the last three Fridays’ rallies and with the entry of the President Geneva after two weeks of medical tests and announced in a new letter  a road map he will supervise in a year beyond the constitutional deadlines specified that the President term will expire on 28 April 2019. With the resolution of postponement of the elections, Algeria will enter into illegality and turn from the president of the public to the president of the state as happened in 1994 with President Liamine Zeroual. A situation in which the president’s letter exceeded the Algerian constitution on the grounds that he did not provide for such a situation and instead to respond to the popular demands rejecting his candidacy, he extends his fourth mandate with six justifications that do not live up to the popular wave length. The sources said that after his return from Geneva, the president met with the chief of staff and the former prime minister and diplomat, Lakhdar Brahimi, to announce the road map. His message included seven main points, which reflect the authority view of interaction with the popular movement stating that initially he hasn’t intended to run for the fifth term leading to ask a big question to the public opinion. If the president did not apply for candidacy, who decided to put his file with the Council of the Constitution by providing five million signatures? The letter commends the decision to postpone the elections and organize a national symposium to discuss the general situation, overseen by an independent figure and crowned with a new constitution under the title of regime change. The date of the presidential elections will be determined before the end of 2019. The first minister has been changed as the demonstrators protested asking him to leave  and accordingly the government submitted its resignation to the president. In his place, the president appointed  a new first minister and a deputy for the first time and outside the framework of the Constitution, which does not talk about the existence of a deputy to the Prime Minister. They are, respectively, the current Minister of Interior Nooruddin Badawi, and Ramadan Alemarah the Minister of State and the diplomatic adviser to the President.

     The tasks of the head of the Supreme Commission for Election Observation, Abdulwahab Derbalwere, also terminated. A road map that the president had previously announced in his letter of candidacy under the guise of the presidency of April 18, 2019, when the peaceful popular movement ejected it on the third Friday, the plan was changed from constitutional candidacy to a four-year extension. What did the movement and the opposition say? Immediately after the announcement of these measures, the masses came out at night expressing their joy at dropping the fifth term and rejecting the road map under the saying “We tell them the soup is salty, however, they replace us the spoons” which expressed a high level of political and legal awareness. Despite the joy of imposing the option of turning away from the fifth term to power, which some media wanted to invest in, as if the people accepted the president’s message, the awareness of young people and political elites is aware of the manoeuvre conducted by the authority under the title that the president has responded to the demand of the big movement which is ‘ no for the fifth term’. At the same time,  the political and youth attitudes that reject this circumvention ,went on and the students and university professors ,who defied the university minister, came out this morning rejecting his decision to speed up the spring holiday and remove students from university neighbourhoods and this will hasten his departure in  the next government without a doubt. This state of rejection has been circulated among all the actors in the peaceful popular movement, which will be renewed next Friday to declare its explicit rejection of the current power manoeuvres which is still suffering from chronic political disabilities that have created a permanent disability that prevents them from understanding and assimilating the messages of the Algerian people, which showed a high political and societal awareness, contrary to the image marketed previously.

      How will the events develop in Algeria? Are there still papers the power will play after the burning of most of its old maps? especially after they emerged from the constituency of the Constitution in order to ensure the quorum of survival? To return to the President’s recent letter, which hinted at some of the justifications that made the writers of the letter out of the Constitution in particular in the introduction and the first item and described the mobility of various positive signs in a diplomatic language lifted from the mobility to accommodate it seems that the decision maker was waiting for the acceptance of the road map. At the same time, in its statement, the opposition in the  meeting last week called to postpone the elections, which will evaluate the situation after the fourth Friday, which will be packed with high-ceiling slogans, especially after France announced its support for the President’s road map that is considered a new provocation added to the case of large rejection due to the sensitivity of the Algerian people for foreign intervention and for France in particular. Because of such phenomena, the more intransigent and the disregard of the regimes towards the demands of the peoples increase, the higher of the demands levels will increase radically , which is a high threshold of tension, as if these systems had not yet absorbed the phenomenon of public mobility, despite the past experiences in Algeria or in others and deal with it depending on the imposition of a climate of force and logic ‘going or break’. On the other hand, the Algerian people are aware of the dangers that threaten public security because they know that any slippage would be enough justification for the use of excessive force and the clash with the security forces and thus the vanishing of peaceful movement. Everyone addresses the remaining mind, experience and balance in the mind of the decision-maker  not to justify the map of his unilateralism, which was not formulated in a collective manner between the political system and the political, social and trade union and community  forces where the system of governance is still dealing with the logic of guardianship of the people  even the students of the primary went out of its guardianship in marches we did not see like in democratic transition experiences in the world. I said that his map should not be justified by using Article 107 of the Constitution after he has trampled on it, which is related to the approval of the exceptional situation by the President of the Republic, since the conditions are not currently available, but he might persuade them to pass the extension project. The country is threatened with one of the following risks:

1-Paralyzing of the states’ institutions

2.Menacing  the independence of the country.

3-Threating the territorial integrity of the country.

Activating this article leads to the  restrictions of the freedoms, not to provide the suitable atmosphere for the  reforms, because it does not lead to the abolition of the Constitution or disable it. However; it contributes in  suspending some of its provisions in order to ensure the safety of the country and stability, and then refer to the same Constitution when these objectives are achieved. I think applying the article 107 can not be done unless the political system has international support, so we have to be awaken of this danger taking into consideration its current and future consequences.

     The next Friday is a crucial date for peaceful popular movement as well as for the authority. This is another opportunity for the Algerian people to express their insistence in terms of their demands and their peaceful movement. Therefore, they have to be aware of the magnitude of the challenges that may be an obstacle in front of the path of restoring dignity, sovereignty and homeland after they have been held in the hands of unqualified system for people’s aspirations. Moreover, it is another challenge for  Security forces ‘s ability in  securing  this peaceful movement, On the ground,   security forces are from the ِAlgerian people, as they did in the previous three Fridays.

     Army Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Kaid Saleh said in his third speech that the army and the people share one  vision for the future and that the army is Integral part of the people.


 Dr. Farouq Tayfour .Algerian political analyst.

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