Peace takes hold and mobility continues

                                                   By Dr. Farouk Tayfour.   

                                                                           Umayyad Center for Research & Strategic Studies             


For the second Friday, Algerians come out to express their rejection of the fifth pledge and call on Bouteflika to withdraw from the candidacy for the presidency of April 18, 2019.

Millions of people in most Algerian provinces with one peaceful voice:  Peace … peace  and the slogan of the people do not want Bouteflika and Said, and they mean Said, brother of the president and his adviser, a slogan that summarizes the great political awareness of a people that is characterized by the current authority with many descriptions and wounded its pride and underestimated its mind and intelligence. The phobia of terrorism and the national tragedy and the proverbial symbols of loyalty mocked it after the February 22, last February referring to intimidation and treason and recollecting the model of Syria and Libya when the first minister said that Syria had started with flowers. The slogan of peace, which dominated most of the demonstrations, became a collective awareness, The Algerian people, in all their strata and categories, have experienced successive crises and have created a political and national immunity for their youth, and an impressive accumulation of struggle and politics, especially among the youth component, which represents the majority and is at the core of mobility.

The patriotism of the movement, its peacefulness and its being  popular despite the involvement of most of the opposition figures in Algeria, who to this day deal with it wisely and intelligently, the opposition did not adopt this movement, but it accompanied it and supported it. Today, it is a positive civilizational movement that has created a consensus among all Algerians and changed the opening editorial line of most of the media even the governmental ones, and freed them of the state of dependence and subordination to the authorities and embarrassed the current authority, where the most prominent party , which is the National Liberation Front was shaken,  whose leaders and ministers belonging to it issued a statement to withdraw confidence from its current coordinator and Speaker of Parliament Muath Bouchareb. Being actors within the authority looking for another option for Bouteflika, where some figures withdrew the candidacy forms.

The movement of Algeria on Friday officially confirmed its demand to reject the fifth Presidential term  and to initiate the process of reform and change.

The Authority today has no choice, especially with the pressure of the street and time because the third of next March is the last day to submit the files to run for the presidency accompanying with the statement of campaign manager of Bouteflika Abdelmalek Salal that his candidate will submit the file on the next Sunday, the third of March. In contrast, President Bouteflika in Geneva for a medical examination since last Sunday and has not entered till today. It is a very sensitive situation that puts the country in front of several scenarios, the best of which is to withdraw Bouteflika’s candidacy due to chronic illness responding to the demands of the Algerian people, defusing the crisis and opening the political horizon. Article 102 of the Constitution has laid down a clear procedural solution: “If it is impossible for the President to exercise his duties due to serious illness and chronic, the Constitutional Council shall meet”

All the legal conditions for the auto-self meeting  )auto-saisine (are available to meet the Constitutional Council for the activation of the provisions of this article:

– The first step, check the presence of the inhibitor:

  1. Impossibility of exercising the functions of the President of the Republic (condition available)
  2. Reason for impossibility: disease (condition available)
  3. The disease is serious and chronic, which is untreatable (condition is available).

The Constitutional Council has the duty to ascertain the availability of these conditions by requesting medical expertise to confirm this impossibility.

– The second step, in the case of proven inhibitor medically:

The Constitutional Council unanimously proposes to the Parliament (in its two chambers) the convening of the meeting to authorize the establishment of the objection by the ratification of 2/3 of its members.

Third step, the President of the National Assembly (Abdul Qader bin Saleh) will assume the head of state for 45 days.

Fourth step, if the impediment continues after 45 days: The Constitutional Council meets and announces the final vacancy for the post of President of the Republic because of the resignation.

The fifth session of the parliament meets in two chambers to receive the certificate of the permit for the final vacancy for the post of president. The president of the National Assembly assumes the duties of the head of state to organize presidential elections within 90 days.

He shall postpone the elections scheduled for 18 April 2019 to a date not exceeding the 90 days referred to above.

This is the preferred scenario to get Algeria out of this crisis.

But if the current authority insists on its choice and goes to the fifth mandate by force, oppression and prevention, the scenario of the collapse of the situation and its breakdown will be closer to the occurrence, which is not wanted by most Algerians.

The peaceful approach established by the Algerians will overcome all the choices of adventure for peace and stability, for which Algeria paid more than 200,000 victims. Hence,  isn’t there a rational man among you? A message to those who still have  a beating sweet conscience in all institutions and in particular the security, military and political establishment.


 Dr. Farouq Tayfour .Algerian political analyst.

Estimating the situation is based on the opinion of the author and does not necessarily express the opinion of the site


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