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Since the start of the first revolution in Syria, the Turkish government and its people have stood by the revolution of the oppressed Syrians by their Sadian rulers. So, no one could ignore the Turkey’s help towards Syrians. Turkey does not hesitate to assist the Syrian people, who are suffering from death, destruction and displacement. It opens its 1,000 kilometers borders in order to enablable Syrians to escape from the hell of the explosive barrels of Assad’s regime, its devastating missiles, and the poison of death spread through it and  throwing bombs from aircraft and artillery. While the convoys of relief are crossing the Turkish borders to Syria without any obstacles, especially, the receiving for millions with warm welcome, hospitality and dignity that couldn’t be found at the Arab brothers.

Turkey, which is lurked by the enemies all over the world, was surprised by the plight of the Syrian people and their plain sufferings. This situation has confused the government in Ankara, as watching  what Nimrood of Sham is doing to the children, the old men and the women from killing, displacement leading  them to prisons. In addition to  the systematic destruction of buildings, property and infrastructure, the degree of changing the cultural features of a large number of cities, towns and villages, some of them backed to prehistoric times, these deadly crimes haven’t ever been mentioned in the history although some of its deadly times.

Turkey, although its difficulties and responsibilities which faces them internally and externally, has not forgotten its role towards the Syrian brothers. Turkey still offers as much as possible  relief to the Syrians from  the pains of their plight, which is still prolonging till now. In addition to that the Syrians are waiting for Turkey to take a bold step towards the military intervention to stop Nemrood of Sham. A step which can be happened before Syria becoming a hotbed of international intelligence and terrorist groups, as well as a field of lethal weapons testing for rogue states fighting to control over the Levant and extending its influence over its territory.

The Syrians today inspire Turkey to do what it could not achieve before after improving its relations with Russia. Putin has repeatedly stated that the “Turkish presence” in northern Syria is legal according to the “Adana Agreement” which is signed by Assad’s father in 1998. As well as, the announcement of America’s intention to leave  Syria and establish a safe zone along the Syrian-Turkish border. If it did, it will mean providing the protection for the liberated areas which include the province of Idlib, northern Hama and the northern countryside of Aleppo, including Manbj, Raqqa and Tel Abyad, which are inhabited by half of the Syrian people mostly including the immigrants by the Assads’ gangs. These immigrants are from the provinces of Latakia, Homs, Daraa and the countryside of Damascus.

The Syrian opposition and its armed factions have matured and got the experience from the beginning of the revolution till now. This provides the circumstances and the reasons for Turkey to do much for the Syrians to expedite the resolution of their cause without exposing it to any regional or international harassment. This is done by granting the Turkish nationality to the Syrians, and then recruiting young people according to the Turkish laws to form the nucleus of the Syrian National Army, in addition to the Turkish nationality. This applies to most of the countries in the world, including the (Hebrew State), which includes its American, of multiple nationalities.

The young people who have been called for their recruitment are now living in a state of intellectual, moral and social loss. If they have never been guided well, they will be a temporary bomb that will explode at any time, and the fragments of its explosion will hit all Turks and Syrians. They will be an easy tool in the hands of the anti-Syrian and Turkish intelligence agencies, which are scattered in most of Syrian and Turkish territories despite the war that is increasingly waged by the world against Turkey.

Will Turkey, without any delay, take this bold step to prepare a national army of Syrians to take the honor of their defense of Syria and expel the invaders from their territory and liberate the Sham which has been looting for half of a century by sadistic gang?!


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