The American withdrawal from Syria will support the Iranian magic recipe to destroy the region


                                                                      By Dr.  Nabeel Al Atoum                                             

                                                                     Head of the Iranian Studies Unit                                

                                                                    Umayya  Center for Research and Strategic Studides 

     All events and circumstances are probably available to enhance the Iranian existence in the region. The shouts of divine victory for Iran  are in all the Iranian media today’s morning after the crushing defeat of U.S, due to Brigadier General Mohammed Hussein Baqri. As a result of  a sudden  military withdrawal  of America  from Syria with  a sense of shame. Iran considers this withdrawal as  a victory . ِ There are many voices in Iran declare that  the victory in Syria is like its victory when  America escaped from Iraq in 2003. The others say this brilliant victory is a result of Iranian state and people’s sacrifices.

      The strengthen  pace of confrontation against Iran was uneven. This leading to international and reginal move with validity of the first and second phase of American sanctions against Iran. This sanctions warns Iran unequivocally. The accelerated steps through diplomatic attack are directly warning the state of Walyi El-Faqih to stop its bloody interference in the Arab affairs. This bloody interference causes the chaos and tears down the geographical and demographical unity for all of Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Lebanon, etc.

Iran and Scorched Earth Policy:

      Everything is clear for Iranian policy. So, we don’t have a need to prove  the Iranian schemes which work on spreading the feelings of hatred and revenge towards the Arab world. Iran  is involved in bloodshed over the Arab lands, in addition to make strife and instability in the entire region , in a continual attempt to undermine the unity and stability of the region. Iran also try firmly to forbid  Arabic project which aims to resist both Iran and Israel. Surely, the interests of both Iran and Israel meet together in order to destroy the region  (whether you/ whether people like it or not)

       Tehran has full readiness to destroy  all those who are against the Iranian project…. The state Waliu el-faqih fight the Arab identity. Iran is an extension of the history of safavid state. Iran has a big biography of murder and criminality as well as committing massacres and making infringement on the fundamentals of the religion and its correct teachings.

       Today, the mission is entrusted  to revolutionary guard that led by Qasim Sulaimani to complete the aim of the Iranian project. Iran applies the dangerous political theory in the modern history.

       The plain truth that the star of Iran is glorified whether we like it or not, however; after establishing itself as a policeman to organize the murder and destruction in the region from A to Z. Iran threatens the security of Arab state and its stability in the argument of support to axis of resistance and vulnerable people .

        Tehran is accused by the interference in the neighboring states’ affairs and establishing  the sectarian organizations as well as violating the sovereignty  of  the states in the pretext of support the poor people in Iraq , Lebanon, Syria, and Yamen in addition to back armed sectarian  groups. It is better to Iran paying attention to the interior issues . Because the Iranian opposition ultimately will achieve its goal to overthrow the Iranian regime. This is a natural result for historic fact that is Iran’s reap what its sow.

       Certainly, the image of walui el-faqih today in the Arab world( people and governments) is like the image of Hitler who spent his life in launching wars spreading murder and destruction. Mostly, all Arab states are suffering from the scourges of walui el fagih’s criminality and massacres of his deputies and militias ,in the pretext of promoting the sectarianism under the cover of religious and metaphysic reasons. This tacky and cheap styles serves the enemy of Islam primarily. Meanwhile, the increasing of  fatwas by the great ayatollah who are immersed in pleasures and desires causes the increasing  pace of this strife. The fuel of this strife is the volunteers who are mercenaries. These mercenaries are being mobilized by Iran with the culture of  holy revenge and  for the sake of it (Iran).

The Iranian resistance style

      Iran is ranked  as the first state  in committing the worst massacres against the people of the entire region, especially in Syria and Iraq. Iran is considered the first financier of the  terrorist Syrian regime who kills the Sunni components of Syrian people. Iran is the primer instigator and seeks to spread the terrorism and extremism in every inch of Syrian territory. Moreover, Iran is the state  that is responsible for crimes against  the Syrian people.

      Iran occupies Iraq directly. The Iraq ‘state including  the government, military, militias, clergy ordered by Iran. Iran finance the terrorist operations and oversees the implementation of  them in order to enhance the fragmentation schemes of Iraq, why not?! Iran also contributes in establishing the next Iraqi revolutionary guard as well as the militia of alhashd al shaebi who kills horribly the Sunni components in Iraq. The militia of alhashd al shaebi is the most dangerous terrorist organization that is established by Iran in Iraq.

       Tehran strives tirelessly to turn what is going on into a rebellion across the region and into an armed movement through the successive inflammatory statements by Iranian leaders are under the guidance of Supreme Leader Khamenei in order to tamper with the security and stability of the region, and destabilize the Arab security as a whole.

       It also seeks to plant its sleeper’s cells throughout the Arab world to be its irony arm in the region. This will be when  moving to plan B as it says to avenge everyone.

       Iran supports Hezbollah and seeks to create copies of it in Iraq, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Yemen. The goal, of course, is not to intimidate and threaten the Israeli “enemy”, but the Arab people and governments.    

      Iran supports the Palestinian resistance and the Palestinian case, why not? The only Palestinian resistance(according to Tehran) which supports the Syrian regime in the slaughter of the  Palestinian Yarmouk camp and its siege. Iran will threaten Hamas with a sense of urgency, if it steppes out of Teheran’s orders.  Iran announced that Hamas must pay the price sooner or later.

     In short, from these simple comparisons we conclude that Iran’s word about the resistance is just  the abbreviation of many meanings: terrorism, Hitlerism, chaos and destruction engineering. Iran is  the basic partner  in killing  the Arab and Islamic nation … We say yes to face the Iranian magic recipe to destroy the region and at the same time yes to support the Iranian opposition; Especially the ones who acts actively on the ground to disrupt the Iranian regime.


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