On the fifth anniversary of the Sarin massacre

                                                                             Zuhair Salem                                                                          

                                                                         Umayya Center for Research and Strategic Studies 


On 20/8/2013 the chemical Bashar, and his gang at home and his international supporters abroad, targeted the beautiful Ghouta of Damascus with its people, animals and trees with sarin gas.

At That day, nearly 1,700 people have been killed in one hour, most of them children whose innocent chest could not bear the cruelty of the silent beast.

On  20/ 8/2013 the lie of the president of the world’s greatest nation revealed as he who gave Bashar al-Assad the license to kill the Syrians, children and women with every weapon, and considered the sarin the only weapon prohibited by the red line.

And then Bashar chemical matched with the crime, even after repeated by him time after time after time to seventy times and still the remnants of human beings talk about the investigation and the judiciary and human rights and international justice made today by Putin and Trump and their ally Wali al-Faqih, and the fourth is Netanyahu, the “beautiful”. He was the biggest winner in Syria and on the account of Syrians.

Netanyahu has got rid of his enemies from the Syrians and devoted his chemical agent to what he thought forever and ever.

On the fifth anniversary of Holcast Sarin, the parties to the international crime in Syria are working on more than one axis and with the same spirit of coordination.

Bashar the chemical sectarian racial Hitler works to get rid of the tools of crime in his way and has been given by the parties to international crime the opportunity to kill partners and witnesses and exempt the effects of crime, as he wants.

News from al-Ghouta confirms that Bashar chemical orders to trace the graves of martyrs of the chemical massacres and exhale to hide any trace of the crime, to be presented as Dr. Jakeel the beautiful.

The first crime partner, Putin or Ivan the Terrible, is gripping the world by feeling the pain of governments burdened by asylum and refugees, demanding that they hand over those who escaped from Syria, to be murdered in a way that makes Putin smile so that his teeth and claws are visible.

And Trump takes off every stone in the wall of the world in search of a dollar.

The holiest holocaust in the history of the twenty-first century anniversary coincides with the day of the Hajj pilgrimage in Arafa.

  OOh people of the situation(in Arafah) all reported on behalf of the people of AL sham that they haven’t found in the people of the land a guardian and a supporter.

O God, You and Our Lord(Custodian) without them all

We have no one but You God


This article expresses the opinion of the writer and not necessarily, the opinion of the site

Zuhair Salem: Director of the Arab Orient Center

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