They will Conquer…. and write the history

                                                                        Dr.Fadi Shamia                                                                                                                     

                                                                  Umayya Center for Research and Strategic Studies                                                                                                                                               

The history wıll write that a regime has set off  a military campaign “to liberate Daraa”, and brought with it the occupiers and mercenaries; burned the ground, then raised the banners of victory, and gathered the revelers of  “Liberation”.

However, the people of the country (about 400,000 civilians) preferred to move to the border; they made the ground their bed and hid the sky; to return to “the bosom of the homeland” (areas controlled by the regime).

Moreover, that an agreement between the sons of the homeland and the Russian,the occupier, has given the assailant, the guarantor, a chance to fulfil – albeit only once – an agreement, but  the perpetrator of treachery and criminality whom has got used to treachery; deny the factions and besieged the “cradle of the revolution” and introduced Shabia – not civil administration according to the agreement- to Nasib border crossing.

History will write that Atef Naguib’s approach still prevails in Syria, and that some of whose conscience has been poisoned , are still clapping for its own meanness. However, a generation, that the nations have been assailed by other nations, is continuing to write on the walls the story of  people  its only crime is to demand for Freedom. This people will definitely win it – no matter how long – and triumph.


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