Deraa: Tens of thousands of displaced people amid the most violent air and land campaign

By: Editorial Team in Umayya Press

        The number of the displaced people has increased to approximately 250.000 in the southern Syrian with the continual military campaign by the Assad troops and the supportive militias in cooperation with the Russian military air force according to local sources.

       Civil defense sources and documentation teams said the last 72 hours were “the most violent and bloodiest” since Assad and its allies launched a massive air and ground campaign against rebel-held areas in southern Syria on June 19.

          Abo Hussien Sharaf , the manger of documentation office in Ahrar Horan Gathering, said that 122 civilians have been killed by Russian and Syrian military air force since the morning of Wednesday till the time of preparation of  this report. Most of them are children and women.


    Displaced people flee towards the Jordanian borders, photographed by Nba’a institution

        The massive air strikes has given the regime troops and the Iranian Militias the opportunity to control over many towns and cities in the eastern countryside of Deraa. This has been done after withdrawing of the rebels factions. ٍ Sharraf said that the air raids and explosive barrels reached to 700 ones during the last 72 hours. He added that this is causing the notable increasing of displaced people.

       Local institutions published dozens of photos which show civil victims by air raids in addition to targeting the hospitals and medical points. According to the local documentation teams, 6 medical centers are out of service since the beginning of campaign on 19 June.

      The spokesman of civil defense, Amer abazeid, said on Saturday about 250.000 civilians flee to the  Jordanian borders and to the  occupied Golan borders. However the UN announced  about 45.000 Deraa’s inhabitants of 750.000 flee as a result of air raids and battles.

     Source in the liberated Deraa province council that affiliates to the Syrian opposition  said “we lost control to know the  great number of the displaced people or donate them.” This source preferred to be unnamed because of  its unauthorized to speak to the media.

      This campaign is the big attack that is  launched by Assad troops in the Syrian Southern since signing the truce’s agreement  in July2017. Where the Assad troops controlled over the cities of Busra al-Harir and Al-Hirak in addition to some small neighboring villages.


Targeting the central hospital in the town of Al-Musayfirah by Russian raids


        Local sources stated to Umayya Press  that 5 children who are displacing with their families are beaten by scorpion in the town of El-Taebah which is located on  the border strip with Jordan. The photos in the social media show the great numbers of displaced people in the open where there are no tents to protect them. They have appealed the Jordanian government through sits-in and banners in front of border fence to open the borders to them.

     A clear response  by Jumana Ghanaimat , a minister of state  for media affair and the formal spokesman of Jordanian government that the request to open the borders for Syrian refugees  Jordan can not respond to it although the kingdom realizes the  miserable humanitarian situation in  southern Syria in addition to the great suffering of brothers. Jordanians on the social media responded to the statement of their government through hashtag ( open the borders then we divide the loaf in halves between).

      War or reconciliation

         Sources in the southern front said Umayya Press on Thursday, that there are representatives met a delegation of Russians in Amman on Thursday’s afternoon to negotiate  about the future of Syrian Southern. The Russian delegation offered  conditions which implied  the submitting of the heavy weapons , opening border Nassib crossing, submitting the border strip , transmitting the factions to public militias , sending the young people to   compulsory recruitment after 6 months later of the agreement, deployment the Russian military police on the check points between the two sides and entering the regime institutions and raising the regime flag.

        The Russian delegation gives the southern front time till Saturday’s tomorrow to answer either yes or announce the war. It offers a truce and cease fire about 12 hours. This finished on Saturday’s noon  before extension the truce  by Russians with Jordanian meditation till the Saturday’s evening. However the Assad troops have not committed to the points of truce since its coming into force.


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