Fireworks games of ( Trump ) in Syria










                                                                                                   By Dr. Nabeel Alotoum

                                                                                      Head of the Iranian Studies Unit

                      Umayya Center for Research and Strategic Studies



What happened the day before yesterday in Syria confirms the falsity of the American allegations of the conflict there, and reveals the essence of the real situation i.e.  (Trump) huge volume of his statements and twitters, we do not know why? What did he do just a lie to mislead the world about what is happening in Syria, especially “the subject of Assad’s costly  account  to the use of chemical”. The reaction is ridiculous and disgust together, no one longer believe this American lying, which seemed to be already involved in the Syrian blood. No difference between it and Russia, Iran and the mercenaries there… America, Britain and France proved that they can move militarily any time they want, even outside the UN Security Council. They have threatened and repeatedly vowed to strike  Assad regime. Frankly speaking, we weren’t quite sure that Trump’s reaction will be foolish and absurd to such extent.

Trump’s escalating statements may be the result of abnormal personal behavior, and the tracker of Trump’s twitters and events, will be fully aware that the United States has distributed the functions of sharing this behavior to France, Britain. Each one of them has taken its way in the fabrication of the play (Trump’s). The west states associated with America and began to threaten launching its absurd missiles, even its fireworks on phantom sites in Syria.

 We have heard Trump’s statements about the crime of “chemical”, which has become a game of American bargaining, sold and bought, the aim is to gain the largest economic profits only … at the expense of Syrian blood. While the whole world knows that America and the west are supporting Assad regime, and keen on its survival, and from time to time the western powers start waving over the chemical issue. It is a game just for bargaining between the international powers. It is certain that the international and regional media have been caught in the trap of Washington’s reaction and raising the ceiling of political and military expectations.

The American-British-French reaction to Bashar al-Assad’s regime is the most proof that America and its agents are partners to the Syrian regime in its crimes, being the largest superpower on earth. It does not want to move against the most brutal regime in modern history, while claiming to be a protector of human rights. This confirms its value and moral fall which  this behavior embodies non-innocent intentions and even malicious ones. Through careful following up of the course of  U.S. policy and its directions in Syria, we find out that it hides its ambiguous motives completely, especially during the presidency of Trump. At the time of declaring its near withdrawal from Syria, it raises the ceiling of expectations through fired twitters on the impact of the chemical crime, materialized by the launch of show fireworks against the regime of Bashar al-Assad, and then followed by a statement in which he lies in the President Macron’s desire to stay in Syria; because it no longer has a meaning for him actually. No doubt that Washington has come to assert that the geometry of the region can’t be but only in accordance with uncreative and extortion chaos, and the continuity of targeting and destructing the  people  under  various masks and pretexts, as it is happening now against the  unarmed Syrian people . In the midst of changes and developments, it can be said: The United States of America has become a country without credibility and a teenager, no more ……

…..For you Allah   , O great Syrian people …. …


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