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Berlin / 09.30.2016 / German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier held a telephone contact with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov touched their talks at length about the situation in Syria.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs explained that the dial was the night this Friday, September 30 before leaving Steinmeier Berlin to Tel Aviv to take part in the funeral of former President of Israel, Shimon Peres. Noting that Steinmeier called his Russian counterpart the need to return with his US counterpart John Kerry to Geneva and work to reach a cease-fire in Syria, especially in the city of Aleppo, which exacerbated the tragic situation in which to worse deal than it was and that after the collapse of the truce that was reached earlier in the current month of September, and that there be a cease-fire for more than 48 hours to facilitate the arrival of humanitarian aid to the besieged city. It also asked to stop the indiscriminate shelling of the city and to stop the wild crawling Bashar Assad who is trying to break into the city from the eastern side.

The Foreign Ministry said Steinmeier will hold talks with his U.S. counterpart John Kerry in Tel Aviv on the situation in Syria and the need to end the tragic situation of the Syrian people.

It is scheduled, that the President of the Socialist Democratic Party ,Vice German Chancellery Minister of Economy, S. Gabriel, to call later in the next week, a mass march against the Russian invasion of Syria and the hypocrisy of the United States and its mock from the Syrian opposition and the other from those who stand to the side of the Syrian people and the support it demands an end to Bashar al-Assad regime and that Syria is a new unified dominated public freedoms. Monitors consider developments in the tragedy of the Syrian people and Russian barbarism is a real war between Moscow and Washington on Syrian land. The conflict is about the collapse of the ceasefire which was announced about it earlier in September and the current melee that occurred between Moscow and Washington, the delegates of the UN Security Council a few days ago, is a clear evidence of the strong responsibility of Washington to destroy Syria because it did not carry out any threat against Bashar al-Assad, who hired the Russians, Persians, and their militias to protect him.

The leader of the Berlin Institute for Human Rights Baiatih Rudolph stressed that Europe has the responsibility to annihilate the Syrian people in keeping silent to Washington and Moscow to end the tragedy of the Syrian people. Instead of Europeans to cooperate with Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar and  Islamic countries that support the Syrian people morally they base ending the war to the Kremlin and the White House. Kremlin wants to install his feet in Syria and the Middle East so to compete with Washington in its influence in that region and Washington lost its political and military luster and trying to bring it back again on the land of Syria claiming the Europeans to take the initiative and to put an end to the tragedy of the Syrian people, even military intervention against the regime of Bashar Assad. Rudolph explained that its Institute is against war, which seeks to bring to man their rights and freedom and the European Union, which calls for human rights in silence towards the genocide of the Syrian people is the ingratitude of human rights

Yet, in spite of the criticism going on the Europeans for not taking them the initiative to end the war in Syria and putting an end to the tragedy of the Syrian people and stopping the flow of refugees mainly due to developments in the political and security situation Europe. The Russian intervention in the eastern Ukrainian and Moscow strips the region of Crimea from Ukraine and attached to the barn of Russia and fear of oriental Europeans that their homes were belonging to the Soviet Union of the military invasion of Moscow for their country and the unwillingness of NATO to go to war with Russia was behind not taking the EU reins to end the war in Syria. The Russian military mechanism will continue to destroy that country and in particular the city of Aleppo, to destroy the health establishments. The scheme is to empty the country of its population and the implementation of the US- Russian plan which is the establishment of mini-state for the Kurds and the division of Syria into sectarian mini-states and ethnic lines.

And, according to some Middle East experts who believe that the war in Syria will not end the survival of Syria unified and it’s planned from those states and they did their best and if the scheme was implemented, it would be a continuation of the agreements / Sykes-Picot /. It means the introduction of new states in the Middle East, which will serve as a sharp thorn in the eyes of Europeans. Therefore, Europe to take the initiative to end the war in Syria and to hold on to its territorial integrity is a stability for Europe’s politically and securely.

The European Union and the United States who have taken the decision to arrest everyone involved to the war in Syria, either with organizing the so-called / Islamic state / or with other Islamist militias directly support Iran they are recruiting young Shiites living in Europe for the war in Syria, along with Bashar Assad . European intelligence reports affirming the arrival of a number of young Shiites left Europe to fight alongside Bashar al-Assad to about nine hundred and eighty five youths, including about six hundred and thirty-one young people from Germany. The European Institute for Foreign Policy, based in Berlin- London attributed  not to criticize Europeans and Americans the support of Iran to Bashar Assad financially and morally and militarily to the agreement between the States concerned Iran’s nuclear dossier and Iran earlier in the past year 2015. While Marshall Institute for Political and Military Sciences sees that the reason for the indifference of Washington and the European Union the support of Iran for the Houthis in Yemen and Bashar Assad is the fear of a military axis comprising Iran, Russia and China.

And the destruction of Syria to continue until the Europeans awake from slumber before the arrival of the risk of their mistakes to their own homes according to the opinion of the former German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer and the warning of  the president of the Munich Institute of International Peace and Security Wolfgang Aychenjr of the consequences of the failure of the Europeans to end the tragedy of the Syrian people.


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