“Turkish moment “the evidences and lessons

Fetullahçı Terör Örgütü'nün (FETÖ) darbe girişimi dolayısıyla Türkiye Büyük Millet Meclisi (TBMM) olağanüstü toplandı. Toplantı sonrası TBMM Başkanı İsmail Kahraman, Genelkurmay Başkanı Orgeneral Hulusi Akar, CHP Genel Başkanı Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, MHP Genel Başkanı Devlet Bahçeli ve Diyanet İşleri Başkanı Mehmet Görmez, bir araya gelerek fotoğraf çektirdi. ( Evrim Aydın - Anadolu Ajansı )

By:Dr.Seif Edin Hashem                                           

Umayya Center for Research & Strategic Studies

The coup attempt, according to the Constitution, is lawlessness and legitimacy violation in several ways: First, in encroachment of country’s constitution. Second, its goal in overthrowing an elected government. Third, the terrorist act against national security of adventurers, as well as tampering with the lives of citizens.

The investigation is still ongoing with the leaders and perpetrators of the coup attempt to reveal the strands of this adventure. The possibility of the existence of regional or international powers involved in inciting or participate in planning. Whatever, the facts and implications of what happened on Friday evening gave the world a great wisdom included many lessons which are:

   First lesson: The Turkish People:    

The collective awareness was the strongest presence in the heroic attitude of the people, the embarkation of millions of citizens to the streets challenging the coup attempt and eliminating it. The world has witnessed the people encirclement of tanks and stopping its progress. Despite of all the possible risks, the demonstrators’ crowds didn’t hesitate to face it and stand in front of it. The people itself turned to a guard of its state, in defense of its achievements, and a victory for the life against adventurers of present and future of their country. This lesson will remain as a reminding of governments and peoples, that the crowds which brought down the coup attempt were not defending a specific individual or a specific party, but were protecting the experience that gave them freedom and permanent peace.

Second Lesson: Opposition Parties.

 The Turkish opposition gave a significant moral lesson to the oppositions in the Third World through the following attitudes:

1-in the crucial historical moment, the opposition chose ,from the beginning, to go beyond partisan differences, and register a unique attitude in today’s world by the declaration of its solidarity with its political rival to legitimacy, emphasizing the importance of democratic life and peaceful transfer of power.

2-opposition behavior characterized by a great deal of sophistication and responsibility towards the nation, by condemning the coup as lawlessness.

3-National altruism: Turkish ego surpassed the partisan interests by consensus of the Turkish opposition parties to condemn the coup attempt.

A-the leader of Nationalist Movement Party Devlet Bhtcla confirmed in a written statement that the coup attempt is not acceptable, and his party declares its solidarity with the Turkish people. The attempt to suspend democracy and ignore the national will is a big mistake against Turkey. If a civil war occurs, the price that Turkey will pay would be great. Where Turkish people will need all kinds of interventions, and our unity and national safety will be in danger.

B-The leader of Republican People’s Party Kemal kilicdaroglu- who belongs to Left of Centre movement, which is the largest opposition party in Turkey-, declared his rejection to the military coup. He stressed the importance of community’s attitude in the unified response against any coup attempt. He said “Turkey had been ruined by coups. We don’t want to go through the same problems. We will protect our republic and democracy, and maintain our commitment to the free will of our citizens. So, we should take common attitude against the coup as we are taking a common attitude against terrorism”.

C-Kurdish Democratic People’s Party opposed the coup before the announcement of its failure.

4-the firm and rapid attitude of Turkish opposition parties against the coup, shows that Turkish opposition parties have reached to a status of political maturity. They can’t be venturing by their country’s fate only for their partisan interests and to overthrow its political rival. Despite the existence of political problems between Erdogan and opposition, it stood next to him and didn’t support the coup. It believes that the end of political life in Turkey will make all Turkey in the face of an unknown fate.

5-The common attitude of opposition contributed in: the international attitudes. It was clear in the transformation of Russian, American, and European reserved attitudes to an absolute rejection of the coup and support Turkish government.

Third Lesson: Parliament

Turkish Parliament held, on Saturday 16 July/2016, an emergency meeting after the failure of coup attempt, with the presence of Turkish Prime Minister. The head of the Turkish Parliament, Ismail Kahraman said “the hours that we spent yesterday were full of lessons, which are:

1-The one who tried to cope didn’t know Turkish people very well. This people has proved its worth and it’s maintaining on its heritage and civilization.

2-The putschists tried to target the highest values of the Turkish Republic by targeting the Turkish Nation Centre (Parliament) by missiles and weapons.

3-The unsuccessful coup attempt is as a terrorism act which succeeded in uniting all Turks in defense of democracy and legitimacy.

4-All the parties, including People’s Party (pro-Kurdish) declared their rejection to the coup.

Fourth Lesson: Executive Authority:

During the emergency session which held by Ben Ali Yildirim the Prime Minister, Ben Ali gave his greetings to the Turkish people who foiled the coup attempt. Also, he praised the steadfastness of the security forces, which stood in the people side. The perpetrators of the military coup will receive their fair punishment in nearest time. In this regard, the Prime Minister pointed to a number of issues, including:

1-the people, security, and media took a courage attitude against the coup attempt. He thanked the opposition that stood against the coup.

2-All the deputies including representatives of the Democratic People’s Party stood together against the coup.

3- What has the military adventurers do, on Friday evening July 15, is a terrorist operation carried out by traitors’ putschists, and those don’t represent Turkish Armed Forces.

4-Bombing the parliament was an attack on the will of the people. It is the first time in Turkish history, where the parliament is exposed to such aggression.

5- There is no power above people’s will, and nobody can think to offend the Parliament.

6-The popular cohesion against the coup attempt represents a new birth of Turkish Republic


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