The Syrian Regime & the Ongoing Crime

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Umayya Center for Research & Strategic Studies has issued a documenting book  titled “The Syrian Regime & the Ongoing Crime” in English  Language. This book documents the  crimes of Assad’s regime in Syria from 2011 until 2015.

The participants (writers) in the book try to highlight several facts: the nature and essence of Assad regime, its  criminality degree, the  tools used in the crimes.

Umayya Center, in its new edition of this book, depended on law and legal standards making it as a reference to organizations and bodies of human rights.  The centre has  supported his studies with video links and testimonies for civilians who had been subjected to numerous Assad crimes of killing, destruction, rape and torture.

The book consists of two chapters:

The first one is  about deliberate murder crimes documenting violations of human rights in Syria, and documenting the contributing of states and militias  supporting this regime. In addition to documenting situations of women raping and killing them and the deliberate targeting of vital centers.

The participants in this study also discussed the massacres of the Syrian regime against civilians and their international reactions towards these massacres.

As for the second chapter, it documented the tools that used by Assad regime in its crimes when using internationally forbidden weapons, barrel bombs in addition to chemical weapons.

It is noteworthy that the audio-visual and written media have covered the events of the Syrian revolution, and followed-up its developments. However, this study try to cover and collect all violations of Assad regime and its crimes against Syrian people demanding for freedom among the covers of one book.

Information about the book:

Title: The Syrian Regime & the Ongoing Crime from 2011 until 2015.

Compiled by Prof. Dr. Abd Al Aziz Al Haj Mustafa

Foreword by Dr. Anour Malek

Size: 14cm*20cm

The publisher: Umayya Center for Research & strategic studies – Dar Ammar for Publishing & Distribution

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