Introduction to Iranian project in Arab and Muslim region

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Iranian projects

Umayya  Centre for Researches and Studies has taken the initiative to present the translation of  Dr. Abdullah Abdullah Al-Nafeesi’s (Professor of the Political Sciences) introduction which he had previously  written it as an introduction to the book:
(The Iranian  Scheme in the Islamic and Arabic Region) .
This book was issued by Umayya Centre in 2012 and was the result of workshop ,its preparation has taken  for nearly a year. More than 20 researchers from different and various countries and political movements had participated with its researches . Arabic  Muslims , Shiite ,   Liberals and Islamists have participated in this book in the presence of more than 60 researchers . Through four  lengthy sessions , they shed light on this project from several aspects dealt with the     demographic , political , religious and economical influences.
Graciously, Dr. Abdullah Al-Nafeesi has prefaced for his academic work.
Umayya Centre would like to translate this masterful and  high professional introduction into English language to allow for a larger number of researchers and interested in the Middle East to be acquainted and updated with this work.



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