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Azerbaycan’ın son altı haftalık savaşta Ermenistan’a karşı kazandığı zafer; İran’a uğramaksızın, İslam aleminin doğu ve batısı arasında yeniden bir

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The victory of Azerbaijan over Armenia in the last six-week war led to a reconnection between the east and west of the Islamic world

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The Palestine Scholars Authority abroad has received, the statement of the authority of Senior Scholars in Saudi Arabia declaring that Muslim

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| يوم 15/11/2020

KINAMA BEYANI                                                                                                 […]

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Islam is a religion of love, justice, mercy, guidance and peace for the world, hence Muslims carry these values and principles throughout their lives and relationships, which they learned from the Prophet Muhammad – the greatest human being, the highest in their feelings and hearts.

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Days after his disgraceful and irresponsible statements in which he said: “Islam is experiencing a crisis in a place in the world,” “and we will not abandon the cartoons (offensive to the Prophet of Islam, may blessings and peace be upon him),” and during his visit to Notre Dame Church in Nice, which was hit yesterday by a hideous terrorist attack,

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| يوم 30/10/2020

In a foolish reaction after the killing of a foolish French teacher at the hands of an imbecile teenager (it was said that he was from the Chechen Republic), the French President Emmanuel Macaron came out to the world to say, with cynicism and foolishness: “Islam is in crisis everywhere in the world !!!”. Rather, it went beyond that to say:

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| يوم 29/10/2020

“Düşünce ve Stratejik Araştırmalar Forumu”(ndan yapılan açıklamada), -maalesef-  bazı dost ve komşu ülkelerin ya da Türkiye’nin dost ve stratejik ortakları kategorisinde yer aldığı varsayılan uluslararası tarafların başlattığı ekonomik boykot kampanyalarını büyük bir endişeyle takip ettikleri belirtildi.

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The “Forum for Thought and Strategic Studies” is following with great concern the economic boycott campaigns launched – unfortunately – by some brothers and neighbors or by international parties that are supposed to be in the category of friends and strategic partners of Turkey.  The forum stresses that these campaigns are neither fair nor impartial.

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